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Online Education is another way that the Masonry Institute of Washington provides educational opportunities to the design and construction industries.

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Structural Reinforced Brick: September 11th, 2020

This presentation will provide: a brief explanation of brick manufacturing and background of structural clay brick, structural brick properties, structural clay brick testing for resiliency with respect to fire resistance, projectile resistance (storm shelters), building resilient structures, industry queries about the ballistic resistance of structural brick, development of the ballistic testing protocol, trial ballistic testing, product development and refinement, final solution, testing and certification. Download

Rainscreens & Barrier Walls: August 14th, 2020

This presentation outlines various wall assemblies as rainscreens, mass walls or barrier walls. Discussion of vapor and water management methods used by each type of wall assembly. Additionally differentiate vapor retarders and vapor barriers. Understand the difference between air/water barriers and vapor barriers. Download

Masonry Cleaning Solutions: July 24th, 2020

PROSOCO’s products have always been designed specifically for the real world and conditions in which they’re used. We recognize that today’s structures are designed and constructed of a variety and non-masonry substrates. While many of these conditions may still call for a more specific product or approach, this presentation outlines a variety of interior and exterior Masonry Cleaning Solutions and variables. Download

Sealants in Construction: July 10th, 2020

This presentation outlines the various types of joint sealant failures and discusses methods for avoiding or correcting these failures. Additionally, the performance characteristics of various types of sealants will be explored in the context of real life projects. An overview of aesthetic and design issues is also included. Download 

Wisconsin Limestone: June 25th, 2020

The program will provide an overview of how Wisconsin Limestone is used as a building and landscaping material and why Halquist Thinstone is quickly becoming the stone of choice for masons, architects and masons. Download


Designing Commercial Projects with Manufactured Stone Veneer: June 19th, 2020

Design guidelines for sustainable manufactured stone veneer buildings, including product innovations and industry related education. Download

Through-Wall Flashing Compatibility Sustainability & Performance: June 5th, 2020

Understanding the performance characteristics, compatibility with other wall components, the ability to survive installation, and life cycle costs of the different through-wall flashing materials. Download

Q&A: How COVID-19 Will Shape The Northwest Masonry Industry Of The Future: May 29th, 2020
Industry experts including representatives from manufacturing, mason contractors and the associations for this 90 minute live Q&A on topics including:
  • Product Supply & Demand
  • Prefab and GCCM Opportunities
  • Jobsite Expectations
  • Opportunities for Local Sourcing
  • Masonry Systems Guide 3Detail AP 


Environmental Benefits
of Historic Masonry

Masonry Systems are one of the most environmentally friendly construction products available into product market. Whether you’re looking at LEED 4.0, IGCC Green Building Code or other standards, masonry products will be available to support your design and construction needs. This webinar looks at the elements of LEED 4.0, IGCC and Architecture 2020 and the benefits of using masonry systems. Download

Changes in Washington's Building Codes

A large amount of energy is spent heating or cooling buildings. The thermal efficiency Masonry Systems provide is another reason why masonry is a great long term, sustainable material. This webinar explains which methods and designs involving masonry are most effective at insulating a building, as well as how to prevent thermal bridging. It also highlights Prescriptive, Component Performance and Systems Analysis code compliance paths. Download

IGCC, LEED Volume 4 and the 2030 Challenge

The easiest way to go about environmentally friendly construction is to understand what that means. This webinar explains changes in volume 4 of LEED and IGCC Green Building Codes, and how they can help you reach the carbon-neutral goal of the 2030 Challenge. Download

Structural Masonry: Enduring a Natural Disaster

The inevitability of natural disasters is an unfortunate reality that we must plan for. An important key for a building to survive a natural disaster, especially earthquakes, is to allow for movement within the structure while minimizing large-scale damage. This webinar discusses the differences of anchored versus reinforced veneer and the structural movements that should be planned for. Download

Community Planning

Community building planning requires cost effective construction with efficient materials that will sustain generations within that community. This focus on longevity is perfect for masonry building materials, especially when wildfires are a concern. In this webinar the concept of community planning is explained using various communities in Colorado. Download