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Energy Code Allowances
& Requirements

Section 1405.6.2
Deletes the requirement for wire joint reinforcement in anchored masonry veneer located in SDC D.

Sections 2104.5 and 2104.6
Increase the grout lift height and grout pour height requiring cleanouts to a full masonry modular dimension from 5’-0” to 5’-4”. Exceptions to these requirements can be approved through the use of a grout demonstration panel (Section 1.6E of Specification TMS 602-08).

Section 2107.2
Clarifies the permissible one-third stress increase for allowable stress design when using the alternative basic load combinations.

Sections 2107.6 and 2108.5
Provide detailed anchor bolt installation requirements. Delete the ½ inch grout surround requirement for bolts installed in unit face shells.

Brick-CMU Block
  • Code Change allows for grouting to 5′
  • When Brick veneers do not need #9 wire: When running bond pattern, the code section to reference is in TMS 402 Section  It states that the wire is required only when the veneer is not laid in running bond.

Brick-CMU sample specifications


Brick-CMU sample specifications
Certified Mason Contractor Specification

Tile, Terrazzo, Marble

Tile, Terrazzo & Marble sample specifications
Certified Tile Contractor Specification




Other Masonry Products

Sample Specifications
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Pointing, Cleaning & Sealants

Pointer, Cleaner & Sealant sample specifications
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